Are you highly sensitive, intuitive or empathic? If you are, you might be experiencing challenges such as this:

  • You feel like you just don't 'fit in,' no matter how hard you try.
  • You're smart, and you work really hard, yet success doesn't seem to come to you in the same way as it does for others, even when you follow the exact strategies that they do.
  • You want to do work that is meaningful and that impacts the world in a positive way, yet you're struggling to monetize what you do and make the money you know you deserve.
  • Every time you feel as though you're making progress, an unexpected family crisis, or financial expense, health challenge, or other obstacle comes along to sabotage your efforts.
  • You're plagued by self-doubt, which holds you back and makes you question your decisions and abilities.


If you identify with any of these statements, or you have a different experience that's holding you back and making you feel stuck, a Powerful Breakthrough Session is the answer.

Sometimes, you just need help to identify the REAL problem and gain clarity about your situation so you know exactly what steps to take to get back on track. 

When you've tried everything you know, and nothing seems to work it can leave you feeling inadequate, frustrated, overwhelmed and sometimes even hopeless. I know exactly what that feels like and you don't have to experience those feelings any more.

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Aha Moment


Exactly where, why and how you feel stuck.

root cause


The root cause of the problem - because it's usually not what you think.

Stop sign


What is standing in your way, and whether you've taken on the pain and stress of others.

Stress Meter


Your energy, using an energy clearing technique to release stress and stuck energy.

Next Step


The steps to take to get unstuck and feel better right now.



Your unique plan for moving forward to where you want to be.

“People go to therapy for decades to figure out what you said in 13 minutes! Thank you.” - Beth

“Thanks, Linda, for the fantastic coaching sessions. You have this brilliant ability to look at a situation from a completely new perspective... and kindly point out the issues from an angle I never saw before. You always have advice for me that I can't seem to find on my own or from other experts, no matter how much I think about it or work on it. I appreciate all your help!” - Julie Hood,

“My husband and I have strengthened our relationship and the power dynamic is back in balance as we are equal partners in creating wealth. You are amazing and I will not hesitate to offer a recommendation to others.” - Gina G. Adams, CH – Intuitive Development Coach

“Linda is so authentic and amazing. She can help you overcome stuck places and move to an energetic clarity. Her programs can and will transform your life.” - Judy Helm Wright,

“Your work is totally awesome and has changed my life. I don’t think a day will go by without my knowing how to deal with the emotions I go through on a daily basis. I know I have a lot more work to do in my life, but I feel this is a huge turning point for me and it will only continue to get easier and easier! Thank you so very much!” - Kathy O’Herron, Realtor

“My work with Linda has proven valuable beyond measure and goes way beyond simple energy “leaks.” Linda’s insight is uncanny. Her ability to gently guide and probe for clues to where and how I am sabotaging my potential have resulted in significant breakthroughs. Linda has taught me to look for answers within – which will save me thousands of dollars in programs that sound like “just what I need” – and provided tools and guidance in how to look within.” - Chef Nancy Banner, Chef

“I love Linda’s practical and straight-forward approach. She manages to avoid all the fluff and hype and shares information that is easy to understand and apply. Linda is both knowledgeable and intuitive. She has a wonderful ability to identify what’s important and to identify the most effective strategy for the situation. Linda helps you achieve optimum results quickly and easily.” - Rebecca Rengo, Author of Beyond Chronic Pain

"When I first met Linda I was only surviving my life not living it. After working with Linda I now feel like I am in control of my life and that I am living my life, not just surviving it. Thanks Linda for helping me find my voice.” - Dawna Ray

“I had the opportunity to work with Linda about an accident I had recently. Consistent with her usual stellar work, Linda provided insights and some assignments for me to continue to work on related to this. I felt better immediately, and will continue with the “work.” Thanks, Linda for the boost!” - Ginny McMinn

“Linda’s programs are life changing. When I became aware of the energy force around me, it changed how I looked at every situation in business and in life. Linda has a beautiful way of explaining how to do this without taking away from anyone. RUN don’t walk to sign up for any of her programs on energy.” - Patricia Noel Drain, Multiple Streams of Income Specialist

“Have you ever had this experience? You have a history of conversation with a family member that always results in your feeling diminished, dismissed-leaving you with a tarnished self-image and unable to figure out what to do next? A recent experience like this one left me frustrated, in tears and with extreme fatigue from trying to hold my ground with this individual. Thus, a call to Linda…….  

What transpired in our work together was magical……..Initially and with few words, Linda made me feel completely heard and supported… judgment-just a genuine desire to help me resolve this issue while holding a deep belief that I held the answers within me. Her approach to personal accountability, her self-reflection strategies and ability to ask the right question at exactly the right time allowed me to arrive at a place of peace/understanding…….the ultimate result? I had a 1.5 hour conversation with this family member Thanksgiving morning that blew me away! Had this person changed? Absolutely not! Had I changed?? INDEED! Viewing this family member with compassion/unconditional love AND being an observer of her behavior rather than a victim of it changed everything!  

There was a big energy shift for me and so now rather than feeling energy ‘depleted’ and I am feeling energy ‘enriched’…..This shift has allowed me to only spend time with those who ‘feed’ my energy….a lovely way to live!!!”  

Sarah Stebbins, Ph.D., Cange Management Expert -  

Linda Binns

Hi, I'm Linda Binns, The Breakthrough Energy Expert 

For the past 20 years I've helped highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic professionals and business owners go from Stuck Unstoppable. As a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic introvert I am very familiar with the unique challenges we experience. I use my specialized knowledge and experience to guide you to the breakthroughs you need.