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Where YOU become unstoppable by mastering the energy around you

Change Your Story - that change and transformation is difficult
Change Your Story - that you have no control
Change your Story - that you don't know what to do

When you want something to improve in your life, personally or professionally, there's nothing that works better (or faster) to bring about transformation than working with energy.

Transforming Energy Works:

“After 16 years of running my own business I started to feel really unhappy. I wasn’t finding the joy or motivation in my work anymore. Fast forward to today, I’m much more optimistic and my relationships with my husband, family and friends have all improved.” 


“Linda has a unique talent for helping people work more effectively by making them more aware of the state of their energy, where it’s high or low and how to change it.”


“When I look back on the past 5 weeks I can’t believe how much I have changed. I feel like I have more control, more peace in my life.”


"When I became aware of the energy force around me, it changed how I looked at every situation in business and in life."


“You are able to cut through my confusion and help me get on course. You inspire me to turn my life around.”


Simple and Practical

The best thing is that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, difficult or complicated. I love to keep things simple and to focus on practical energy strategies that are easy to implement. Join me for just half a day, and let's see what you can transform.

What can be transformed? Since everything IS energy, you can change anything. I have worked with clients to help them transform all kinds of situations both personal and professional - relationships, finances, health, career, business growth, even selling homes.

This is a one-of-a-kind interactive workshop. You won't find anything else like it.

I originally did this as a 5-Day Challenge, but the 1/2 day workshop format allows me to provide on-the-spot guidance and support to make it even more powerful.

“Participating in the week long challenge set by Linda has opened my eyes to just what can be achieved by working with energy in practical ways. Linda has a very approachable and accessible way of guiding you to make small changes, of which the impact is really profound and the insights are like gold! I'm so glad Linda offered this opportunity and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future to go deeper on the shifts that can happen with energy in my life. Thank you so much!”

- Katherine

"Thank you so much for the challenge. I made a big shift and while listening to the challenge I was packing and moving into a space that is peaceful, perfectly suited and a bit of a financial challenge. I am keeping at the forefront of my mind the universal laws of order leading to prosperity. The energy shift has already been so great I can't wait to proceed further."

- Patricia

"With just a few easy steps, this challenge was exactly what I needed. It has helped me to reconnect with myself and be more aware of energy flow. Linda your insights and easy approach helped me communicate and easily identify the changes needed."

- Lisette

"I loved this process so much I am doing it again. "

- Cherie


How Does the Challenge Work?

This will be a very interactive online workshop where we will be focusing on the energy in your home - how it impacts you and what simple changes you can make.

I'll walk you through 5 steps, focusing on different areas of your home. You'll have time to do each step, then you'll come back and report back on your experience.

You'll take action and receive immediate feedback and guidance as we go.

In just 1/2 day you will gain new awareness, experience aha's, and take action that will make a real difference.

Your focus

We can't change everything all at once, so we focus on one thing - your highest priority - for this event.

Your energy

I'll be asking you to pay particular attention to your thoughts and feelings around your area of focus and pay attention to any changes.

Your environment

For the purpose of this challenge, we will be focusing on the energy of your home and I'll be asking you to do a short assignment in specific areas.

What You'll Learn

We'll walk through 5 steps that will empower you to begin the process of mastering and transforming your energy.


Are you clear on what you want? First of all, you'll set your focus for the event. Anyone can change energy, but a clear intention is the power behind transforming energy in the way that's best for you. Here you will set your clearest and most powerful intention.


Do you know the most simple and powerful thing you can do right now that will to start transforming energy immediately? You'll learn exactly what that is and start doing it right away.


Do you know which is the most important room in your home and how it supports or sabotages you? You'll learn what that room is and go to work identifying how you can change and improve the energy there to support you in whatever you want to do.


Is your work (or personal) space supporting you? Here we'll focus on the energy in your work or personal space and identify how that is impacting your success . You'll create a plan of exactly what you can change in the easiest way possible.


Are you aware of the most important area of your home and how it's impacting you? You've worked with the most important room in your home, now you'll learn what is THE MOST important part of your home and why. You'll identify ways to improve the energy here, which will positively affect all areas of your life.


In the weeks leading up to the November 5th event I will be working with those who are registered to help identify and clear any hidden energy blocks or patterns that have been standing in your way. These powerful online energy clearing/balancing sessions will help you get the most out of the live event.

These sessions alone are worth more than the cost of your ticket.

The sooner you register, the more energy clearing sessions you can attend.

Invite a friend, partner or colleague for no extra cost (you can split the cost of the ticket). Having a partner will enable you to continue your progress even after the event is finished.

If you can't stay for the whole event, having a partner means you can share the time and not miss out on anything.

Purchase your ticket now and you can let me know who your partner is any time before we start on November 5th. The sooner the better, so they can join in the energy clearing/balancing sessions.

Challenge Participants:

"Linda's guidance helped me feel calmer and more open in my physical environment.

With her expertise I was able to focus on specific key areas in my space.

If you are stuck in ANY area of your life, take this challenge!"

- Jennifer LeBlanc, Author, VP of Marketing

"I have been involved in dozens of challenges, but this one was amazing.

I did everything Linda suggested, because I know if you don't do the work nothing happens.

Her exercises are life-changing. Don't miss this opportunity."

- Patricia Drain, Author, Podcast Host

Thank you for igniting a fire in me. I appreciate how "new me" turned out to be.

— Meric.



You'll learn what's most important for you to focus on right now, and how to set a clear intention to bring about the experience you want.

Aha Moment


You'll discover just how the energy of your home is impacting you and your life experiences and how to reconnect with yourself in ways that improve everything.


You'll know what's possible, what you want to do, and you'll have experienced the energy of your home in a new way. You'll know exactly what your next steps will be.

Energy + Awareness + Right Action = RESULTS.


  • INVESTED in your personal growth and success, dedicated to self-awareness and learning what will empower you to be the very best you can be
  • SERIOUS about growing professionally and personally and willing to learn new ways of helping yourself
  • EXCITED about learning new tools and techniques that will make you more effective and your life much easier
  • STRUGGLING to maintain a positive attitude because you're overwhelmed and confused by all the advice and strategies out there.
  • NOT looking for quick fix, temporary answers, but want real strategies for long-term positive change
  • TIRED of listening to training and webinars that leave you feeling more confused and with a longer list of items to do, and is instead searching for opportunities to get things done and receive feedback from an expert in a hands-on, workshop setting
  • WANT to increase your energetic vibration higher and higher so you bring about what you desire in a way that serves your highest and greatest good, which will have a positive impact on everyone around you too.

Ready to experience the benefits of energy transformation?

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